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Learning To Walk In Wisdom

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Originally Posted September 2014

It’s been a busy few weeks, but we are now well into 7th grade. He’s had his first quizzes and exams. He has had his first football game. He appears to be doing well and to be enjoying himself. But I will say that after only 2.5 weeks of being back in school, he is uncharacteristically comfortable to have a lazy Saturday at home. He even passed on racing MX this weekend. This tells me many things.

  • His new schedule and commitments are stretching him.
  • He still needs his quiet time.

Neither of these things surprises me as my child is a lot like his parents. Quiet time calms the nerves. 🙂 He has taken on quite a bit of responsibility this year. He has played football before but it was a weekend league that was not connected to his school. This time around it’s at the middle-school level and his teammates, classmates, teachers, and coaches are all connected. When he was in 5th grade and played in a league only a handful of other players at school even knew he was on the team. Now, his classmates show up to the games and his coaches are also his teachers.


Right now, it looks like he’s enjoying all of this, even as he is managing himself so that he can rise to the occasion. The fact that he chose not to race this weekend, in order to rest and to keep from risking injury (his words) after getting dehydrated in Thursday’s game, tells me that he is committed to his teammates in a manner that demonstrates maturity and wisdom. Goodness knows we’ve been praying that he walk in wisdom. –cd


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