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Turning Point

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Enough is enough; and I have had enough. This is a turning point in my work. This is a turning point in my writing. This is a turning point in the how I focus my personal energy.

But I’m betting that none of that matters to you. Am I right?

If you are reading my blog then you are probably a learning professional of some sort or looking for answers regarding thinking and learning. If you are either of these, my turning point will serve your needs as well as mine. How, you ask? Because, I will now be sharing information in a more direct, transparent, and deliberate manner. In fact, I’m going to start right here by sharing what has led me to make these changes.

Some of the reasons behind this change in my approach may surprise some of you. But whether they surprise you or not, this collection of facts, trends, circumstances, and problems is what has driven me to decide to communicate more openly regarding the role of learning in our lives.

The Why(s) Behind My New Approach:

  • Because how you think is going to influence everything you do and don’t achieve in life. Your attitudes, habits, approaches, language, and behavior are all influenced by how you think.
  • Because people rarely know the right questions to ask when they are looking for answers.
  • Because the children of parents who know what I’m sharing in my blog and courses have a huge benefit over those whose parents don’t know these things.
  • Because, in the United States, the gap between the haves and the have-nots is growing significantly harder to navigate. Being able to cross over to the haves side is based on how you think.
  • Because a person can graduate from a baccalaureate program (or many of the graduate programs out there) and not know the things I’m sharing here. In this day and age, having a degree doesn’t necessarily mean a person is well educated. And being well educated doesn’t guarantee success. So what does increase your chances of finding success?
  • Because when your boss tells you he or she needs “more” from you, they don’t mean more of the same thing. They are talking about a very different type of more. They are talking about a more that they may or may not be able to define for you.
  • Because there isn’t a shortage of jobs in the United States. There is a shortage of people who are qualified to do the jobs that are open.
  • Because you have to know what you don’t know, in order to navigate your way to sustainable success.
  • Because when you know how to think in a manner that serves you well time and time again, you become more confident with each experience. As your confidence builds you begin to navigate life in a different manner—a manner that allows you to achieve the things that are important to you independent of what others feel is possible.

I could probably add a few more items to this list, but you get my point. There is a way of approaching thinking and learning that makes a huge difference in how we navigate life. Sharing the what, why, and how of thinking and learning in the most blatant, direct manner possible is going to be my focus for the foreseeable future. -cd


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