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Parents Have Options (But Which Options Are Best?)

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First, my apologies for not posting for quite some time. My reason for not posting is actually a good one that I hope you appreciate in the months to come.

Now, to share an experience I had yesterday. While going about my day, I heard two statements that have been turning over in my mind ever since. I’m accustomed to running into things like this once a month or maybe even once a week depending on my schedule and what I’m doing. But, two statements in one day regarding the quality of K-6 education really got my attention.

NOTE: These are two totally unrelated statements in two totally separate contexts. I just happened to be present for both.

Statement 1: Fourth grade teacher in an urban school

If my students are doing their best and working their hardest I give them A’s. I don’t care what they say; I’m going to give them an A and give them some hope. Of course, then I hear from the parents when they fail the ISTEP. Their confused because their child is making A’s on their report card.

Statement 2: Minister of a large urban church

Your child’s school has four different fourth-grade classes. If they are struggling learning with the teacher they have; then go up there and tell them to move your child to another teacher that they can learn from. Because the problem isn’t that your child can’t learn, but that the teacher can’t teach.

Both of these people made these statements in very authoritative ways based on their personal perspectives. Both are seasoned professionals who are well established in their fields.

The Situation

These statements are great representations of what parents are up against as it relates to K-12 education. Public education systems are broken in many communities of many nations. Many parents hear statements like this or come into contact with these attitudes and have no idea what they need to do to ensure their child gets the education they need. Or maybe your child is doing okay right now but you’re concerned about what will happen as they advance into higher grades.

Well, you don’t have to wonder or guess at what you need to do to ensure your child gets a good education. Maybe you need to ask for a new teacher—or maybe you don’t. Follow this link to find out 10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Thinking and Learning. Not only will this course get you ramped up fast so you know how to navigate your child’s K-12 education; it will also connect us so that I can continue to share free and low-cost solutions to help you coach your child successfully through their K-12 education. As parents, we have options. Let me show you how to be sure you choose the right one for your child. -cd


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