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How Will The New School Year Be Any Different?

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We’re busy. We’re actually more than busy. It’s now hard work NOT to be overwhelmed with our personal schedules, information, and meeting the needs of our loved ones. But, this isn’t about us. In a world where adults are juggling more than ever, our kids are also facing their own set of concerns; concerns they aren’t necessarily aware of yet. Consider the following:

  1. The flow of information has changed drastically in recent decades. However, public education hasn’t changed significantly since the early 1900s. I mean they talk about the need for change and every decade or so they come up with something that promises change (No Child Left Behind, Common Core, etc.). But not much has truly changed in public education.
  1. Most K-12 education is focused on teaching kids specific content rather than teaching them to think in the manner that serves them well long term (you know, the type of thinking required to navigate life successfully; the kind required by future employers). It’s true that our kids need to know certain things. However, as important as what they know is; how they came to know it, how they approach learning new material, and how they approach situations that challenge what they know and how they think, is even more important.
  1. Our confidence is very closely tied to how we think. The more you invest in your child’s thinking skills the more options they’ll have available to them as they grow into adulthood. People who can see and solve problems faster than others are extremely valuable and have more options than those who don’t have these skills.
  1. In order to bridge the gap between what schools teach and what’s required for success you’re going to have to think outside the box (or outside the system). This is where options like Sylvan, Huntington, and Kumon come into play. But those options can be really pricey and add new commitments to an already busy schedule.
  1. Summer is a great time to get ahead of the game for next year. The days are a little longer and our moods and energy tend to respond positively to the sunshine.

Next year can be different if you’re willing to invest just a few minutes a day. The information you need to bypass the system, build your child’s confidence, and bridge this gap is as close as your smart phone, tablet, or laptop and only requires a few minutes a day to get started. Not sure I’m shooting straight with you? Check out these comments from teachers and parents.

The information Dr. Downing shares plus the insights she offers for how to help children think and learn can significantly impact a child’s interest and success in school. -D. Harrison

Your understanding and application of the basic principles she presents will allow you to gain a better perspective regarding your child’s educational experiences and equip you to be more helpful in advising them and increasing their growth toward becoming independent, capable learners. -R. Kirby

I recommend this to all who want to help support their child’s learning & development. This course is worth your time! -J. Lumsden

Can we make this course available to my PTO members? -Principal (K-12 Elementary)

Carla’s simplified a huge topic into a succinct and actionable course! (even for the most hectic lifestyles)… Her delivery is SO eloquent, engaging & encouraging. The follow up discussions are just as short, fun & exciting too! I will share this with every parent I know!!! -R.H. (daddy of 2)

Follow my blog and you’ll get free access to 10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Thinking & Learning. If you’re already following, send me a message and I’ll send you a code for free access too. Next year can be very different. Check out this free course and find out how you can change things for your child -cd


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