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A New Approach

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I haven’t been posting lately. I apologize for that. But, several weeks ago, I decided to change things up a bit. I badly needed a break and I wanted to head in a different direction. I took the much needed break and returned with laser focus and a plan for that new direction.

Here’s the plan.

  1. Make course for parents freely available to everyone using videos. I will be posting them here in the new few days. Over 700 parents have taken this course, but I’d like to open it up to anyone who wants it.
  2. Begin sharing information that serves both parents and professionals. After all, many parents are themselves professionals. So why not share information that helps them at work as well as their child at school.
  3. Do all of this using more video than text so that people can listen and watch rather than read.

Here’s the first video from the course as well as the first lesson. Let me know what you think. -cd


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