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Carla A. Downing, Ph.D.

With 20 years of experience teaching, training, designing, developing, and managing high-end learning solutions and 15 years experience developing high-performance teams, Carla has a well-established record of results.

Carla’s teaching/training approach combines her exceptional communication skills as well as her experience as an athlete, a mentor, a professional coach, and several years teaching in higher education. She knows how to facilitate excellence and her outcomes, solutions, and teams always surpass expectations.

Carla holds an MS. Ed in Workforce Education & Development, and a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction (Instructional Design/Technology) from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Carla (The Mom/Mimzy)

On a more personal note, I have two sons (ages 25 and 13), a daughter-in-law (25), a grandson (4), and a granddaughter (not yet 1). Four of the five are in school and at very different stages in the process (Pre-K, 8th grade, and college). So in a single evening we might go from working on sight words with the 4-year old, to working on study skills and doing Algebra with the 8th grader, to discussing the behavior of professors with the two in college.

All of this shifting of gears doesn’t phase me or my husband since we met in college and went through graduate school together–both of us teaching, tutoring, and mentoring to work our way through school. He went on to become an engineering management professor and I develop instructional solutions of varying types. Needless to say, thinking and learning are discussed often in our household.

I hope you find what I share here beneficial and that it helps you help your child.  -cd

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